The Haute-Sûre Nature Park


The Haute-Sûre Nature Park with its 7 municipalities - Boulaide, Ell, Esch-sur-Sûre, Heiderscheid, Lac de la Haute-Sûre, Neunhausen, Winseler - has set itself the goal of enhancing the existing resources, promoting the development of the region and supporting environmental education.

At present, the Upper Sûre Nature Park has 5,700 inhabitants. About 50% of the total area of 18,387 ha is covered by forest, which is above the national average. The biotope also includes a dam lake with a surface area of 380 ha, which influences the activities of the entire region.

The project began in 1988. The legal procedure for the creation of the Upper Sûre Nature Park was initiated on 27 September 1993 by the SYCOPAN committee. In 1999 it was completed with the Grand Ducal Regulation of 6 April 1999 on the creation of the Haute-Sûre Nature Park and the creation of a syndicate to administer the park.

The legal basis is a contract between the State and the municipalities concluded for 10 years, renewable each time for another ten years. The syndicate thus formed appoints a committee, an executive board and an advisory board to carry out the tasks of the Nature Park.

The restoration of the old drapery in Esch-sur-Sûre has made it possible to create a structure which houses the information centre, the administration of the Haute-Sûre Nature Park and a living museum dedicated to textile production. Aims & tasks

The Nature Park was established to:

    • use the natural and cultural resources by creating added value;
  • promote the economic and social development of the region
  • explain the ecological relationships and support further education and environmental education
  • promote tourism in harmony with nature and the environment.

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Lac de la Haute-Sûre

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