The slate museum Haut-Martelange

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Guided tours

The two-hour guided tour gives you an insight into the variety and functions of the different buildings. With the help of exhibits, models and machines, various aspects are dealt with, such as the history and development of the slate industry, the extraction of the stone, the processing of the stone on the surface, the range of slate products and the working conditions of the workers in comparison with the life of the owner.

The owner's and accountant's offices give you a view of the administration in the 1930s. The visit is complemented by a film on the slate industry (produced by René Leclère, a renowned Luxembourg producer, in 1938)

Ride on the industrial train

Visitors who have little time or who want to get an idea of the site can take a ride on the industrial train through the Haut-Martelange site. The ride lasts 30 minutes and the visitors discover the elements of the site with the help of a documentation in German or French.

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